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Alice answers Frequently Asked Questions

Alice video taken by a MML guest

Another Alice video taken by a MML guest

Yet Another Alice video taken by a MML guest

About the Non-Human Residents     

The barn and the pasture are among the most-popular attractions at Mountain Meadows Lodge. They are all gentle and "kid-friendly"; some are curious and don't mind being petted.

We have a number of rescue animals at Mountain Meadows Lodge. We've had sheep and chickens and ducks and a peacock and a peahen. Currently there are some goats that are very playful and friendly and very curious.

In addition to the goats, there's Alex, the Shetland pony.

We used to have Alice, the famous pot-bellied pig and mascot of Mountain Meadows lodge, but sadly she passed away from old age in the winter of 2015..

Occasionally a moose or two will stop by -- the pictures here were taken in June and October of 2006 on the Lodge property.

We have loons on the lake every Spring. It's the most remarkable thing to hear them calling at dawn and dusk. One pair stayed all through the summer of 2009 and were quite tolerant of canoers and kayakers. See the picture below.

It's not uncommon to see an osprey on the lake. The photo here was taken in Sept 2009 - the osprey had landed on one of the small islands in the middle of the lake.

Inside the lodge you'll find some aquatic turtles.

Animal Photo Slide Show

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