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Free Stuff To Do     
  • Play table-tennis or foosball in the game room
  • Go for a walk around the property and visit the animals (you may enter their pasture). We have snowshoes to borrow.
  • Take out a row-boat, kayak, or canoe
  • Get in the hot-tub
  • Take a sauna
  • Marvel at the pineapple chainsaw carving
  • Go swimming in the lake
  • Go sledding on the hill towards the lake
  • Go through the game cabinet in the living room
  • Challenge someone to a game of chess. Greg, Mike and Bill play.
  • Sit at the piano for a while, see what happens
  • Make a puzzle
  • Sit by the fire
  • Borrow some lodge equipment and play… ultimate Frisbee, croquet, volleyball, soccer, horseshoes, whiffle ball, kick ball, bocce balls, etc
  • Go fishing
  • Get in a snowball fight
  • Hike to the waterfalls (35 minutes one-way): Go down to the lake; take the AT north (to the right); follow the white blazes, cross the road twice; you'll get to Thundering Falls in 20-45 minutes
  • Hike to the cascades (20 minutes one-way, flat): Go down to the lake; take the AT south (to the left).
  • Build a HUGE snowman
  • Make snow angels
  • Take a hike on the Appalachian Trail
  • Borrow a Lodge kick-sled and give it a go
  • Challenge Mike and Bill to a game of two-on-two volleyball